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Network as a Service Platform

Welcome to modernized networking

aajogo connects everything and everyone into one platform to effortlessly customize, purchase, and receive an enterprise-grade wireless network on subscription—whether you have one location or 1,000s.

New to Network as a Service?

Read our guide to learn more about who is using NaaS today, why more organizations are moving to NaaS, and how the aajogo platform is uniquely ready to simplify your networking needs.

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Why aajogo

The platform subscriptions are built on

We obsess over creating the best service orchestration experience possible, so your business doesn't have to wait weeks for quotes or sacrifice precious resources on inadequate solutions.

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Transform networking into a cloud-like experience with flexible buying options and automated service delivery.


Take advantage of several built-in apps that provide performance monitoring and a captive portal to create unique customer experiences—right out of the box.


Easily restrict and change access to your subscription recourses using pre-defined roles and permission-level management

Ready to get started?

Use our subscription calculator to build a budgetary NaaS quote. Or, contact us to learn more about subscriptions and how aajogo can help your organization.

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